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For graduates

Getting a good employment outcome when you finish your course is possible!

Making the move from tertiary education to graduate employment is a huge change for any student. For a student with disability it's the end of an often extended period of study bringing a new set of challenges and opportunities. To make sure that you start your new graduate employment career with the greatest chance of success there are active steps that you can take. Find out more about these steps in the employment to education toolkit.

As you make your way through this website remember that there are 4 key elements that you need to cover when you plan your move from education to employment. They are:

  • Get an early start! Don't leave it until your last semester to start making plans for securing future employment after graduation. That can be too late. By your final year you need to have already started your preparations
  • Consider your disability at each step of your transition and career planning. Take time to reflect and think about what impact, if any, your disability is likely to have on your future employment. Even if you decide that your disability will have no impact and you need no additional support, it is important to consider the possibilities. Doing this now gives you time to find out about, and plan for any adjustments you may require to manage your disability in your new career
  • Find out about essential facts that affect you at work. Check out the details on disability-related rights and responsibilities in employment. What disability services, programs and technology is available to help level the playing field in employment. Also Graduate Recruitment - this includes what Graduate Employers are looking for in their new recruits, and recruitment programs, activities and processes going on in your industry
  • Use the services available to you to help with career planning, making workplace adjustments and securing employment.

Remember the better you prepare, the better your chances of success are and the smoother your journey from education to employment is likely to be!