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The Toolkit

The Education to Employment Toolkit is designed for graduates with disability as well as employment and career services assisting finishing students and recent graduates with disability of Vocational Education and Training or Higher Education courses.

Employment outcomes for graduates with disability have been historically poor and there are changes that can be readily made to achieve improvements.

The Toolkit is aimed at overcoming key barriers, such as:

  • Lack of understanding of the transition needs of graduates with disability by employment and career services
  • Weak linkages between employment and career services.
  • Employers' reluctance to recruit graduates who have a disability and lack of awareness about technology and supports available to assist.

The Toolkit covers facts, tips and practical advice on:

  • Transition planning for finishing students and graduates into qualified employment.
  • The needs of graduates with disability and graduate employers.
  • Managing disability issues and statutory obligations in graduate employment.
  • Services and programs supporting graduates and employers.

Education to Employment Toolkit 

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