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Additional Resources

This section provides general information and resources for graduates, employers and services:

What is disability? explores the broader definition of disability including busting some widely held myths about disability and explore facts about some common disability types and their affects in the workplace.

Disability in Employment looks at the basics of how graduates with disability and their employers can work together in graduate employment to get full benefit of the graduate's skills and talents including a look at the key pieces of law that affect employees with disability and their employers. We'll also check out the meaning of disability disclosure and the factors that make this one of the trickiest issues for graduates and their supervisors, and get the essential facts and a plan of action on making workplace adjustments for graduates with disability.

Our online Toolkit covers facts, tips and practical advice on transition planning for finishing students and graduates into qualified employment, the needs of graduates with disability and graduate employers, managing disability issues and statutory obligations in graduate employment and the services and programs supporting graduates and employers.