Research theme: Urban living and society

People, Culture, Economy and Built Environment

Urban highway

Research within this theme area is focused on understanding and guiding economic, social and infrastructure change through the lens of urban living and the social formations that flow from it. Our current and expanding research expertise in urban planning, the digital humanities, infrastructure engineering, innovation networks, social cohesion, cultural studies, and globalisation will serve the community as it adapts to the challenges of urban change.

Impact snapshot

Less Waste and Cheaper: The use of innovative anchors for rehabilitating existing demountable steel

The way things connect is important. Researchers in engineering at Western Sydney have been looking at how concrete and steel can be fixed together using 'blind bolts' to allow building materials, and entire buildings, to be recycled.

An estimated 40% of landfill is created by the construction industry. When you combine this with the cost of new materials, it all fits together: less waste and cheaper construction that benefits industry and the environment.