Research theme: Education

Access, Equity, Pathways and Aspirational Change

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Western Sydney University draws on the diversity of Greater Western Sydney to underpin research that explores educational access on a global scale. This research theme respects and supports individuals and communities in their economic, social and cultural aspirations. The University is committed to realising the opportunities offered by new pedagogies and transformational technologies for all students.

Impact Snapshot

Staying on at School: Strategies for increasing high school completion rates in low-retention regions of NSW

Western Sydney University researchers analysed the factors that affect students' decisions to stay or leave school. Across NSW, student retention rates to year 12 can be as low as 50%.

By collecting three years of data from 2000 students in regional areas with the worst retention rates, our researchers mapped young people's pathways through school and identified the roadblocks to them completing year 12.

The researchers identified ways to keep Western Sydney students in school.