Research and Innovation Plan (2018 - 2020)

Western Sydney University is a research institution driven by impact. Our research makes a difference regionally, nationally and globally. We are committed to collaboration with our First Peoples, regional, national and international communities to contribute to their economic, social and environmental wellbeing. At Western, excellence in research is the precondition of impact. With research excellence we connect our local and global communities and create world-leading impact.

This research plan frames the University's vision of engaged research across three key dimensions: futures, impact and capacity. These dimensions are interconnected and mutually reinforcing. To achieve our objectives the University’s teaching and research capacities must be interconnected and mutually reinforcing.

The University's Research and Innovation Plan sets the landscape and provides the direction for the future of research at the University.

Research Themes

Education and Work research theme

Environment and Sustainability research theme

Health and Wellbeing research theme

Urban Living Futures and Society research theme

Key Dimensions


Enhancing and promoting the impact of Western Sydney University research will expand the University's research capacity through financial and non-financial collaborations with external partners. The University will continue to be a sector leader in the delivery and measurement of research impact.


The University will develop the next generation of researchers and practitioners using innovative and engaged research training. The University will undertake research that engages with the opportunities and potential of its stakeholders, influencing policy and practice throughout the region, and contributing to scholarship and practice nationally and internationally.


Through a facilitative internal structure the University will deepen its external networks and increase the intensity and quality of its research. Researchers will be supported to access external networks, respond to research opportunities, and develop impact through an alignment of resources, processes and outcomes.