Eucface Site

The University has a vibrant and dynamic research culture with multidisciplinary research undertaken across a diverse range of sustainability areas including culture, society, health and the environment within a number of centres and institutes. Within, there are disciplines and specialisations but outside the University there are real challenges that cross over these distinctions. Research at Western Sydney is organised into four multidisciplinary research themes. Our research themes speak to the history and culture of the University and its communities, providing a shared vision for their future. These are:

Research Theme Champions

Western Sydney University has appointed seven Research Theme Champions for a period of two years in the following theme areas:

Education and Aspirational Change

  • Professor Kathryn Holmes, School of Education
  • Associate Professor Caroline Jones, The MARCS Institute

Environment Sustainability

  • Associate Professor Juan Salazar, School of Humanities and Communication Arts and Institute for Culture and Society
  • Associate Professor Jeff Powell, Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment

Health and Wellbeing

  • Professor Caroline Smith, School of Science and Health, NICM
  • Associate Professor Amanda Third, Institute for Culture and Society

Urban Living and Society

  • Professor Donald McNeill, Institute for Culture and Society

Sustainability Research Areas and Facilities

Our impact driven research agenda has a focus on innovation, wellbeing and sustainability. Our mission is to produce research that has impact. Australian Research Council (ARC) research success in 2015 is diverse and dynamic. Some of our researchers are examining the: 

  • impact of climate change on rainforests
  • integration of early childhood literacy and sustainabilit
  • shifting manufacturing culture in Australia
  • bushfire-enhanced wind and its effects on buildings

Centre for Educational Research 

The Centre for Educational Research focuses on creating sustainable communities and equitable futures through world class research and research training structured around core themes of Sustainability, Equity and Globalisation. Educational curriculum and pedagogies are the linking themes throughout.

To find out more please visit the Centre for Educational Research (opens in a new window).

EucFACE Research Site

The Eucalyptus woodland free-air CO2 enrichment (EucFACE) facility is the only one of its kind in the southern hemisphere, and provides unparalleled access for intensive study of canopy and soil processes and native biodiversity in a mature Eucalyptus woodland. EucFACE's infrastructure is located in native Eucalyptus woodland of the Cumberland Plain in the western part of the Sydney basin. EucFACE was established in 2010 following recommendation to the Commonwealth to understand how rising atmospheric CO2 concentration and CO2 fertilisation affects tree canopy processes and soil and ecosystem function in an Australian native woodland. Visit the EucFACE website (opens in a new window) for more information.

Solar Energy Technologies Group

The new Solar Energy Technologies Group (SETG) (opens in a new window) is advancing environmentally clean fuel (solar-hydrogen) and water purification technologies to mitigate climate change.