Living Labs

Living Lab Initiatives

While the term Living labs has commonly been used as a broad rhetorical term, Western Sydney University is now strategically and tactically building partnerships for using campus assets as a focus for teaching, research, demonstration and engagement. This is supported through the Environmental Sustainability group in the Office of Estate and Commercial (OEC), in collaboration with the Sustainability Research theme and theme champions (Associate Professor Jeff Powell and Associate Professor Juan Salazar), Sustainable Futures, a range of research, academic and technical staff, and associated agencies and organisations.

Westerns Living Lab Initiatives

Videography of Vineyard Creek cultural ecology

Separated from the main Parramatta campus by a rail corridor, Vineyard Creek is an area of significant natural and cultural heritage. Find out more about the Vineyard Creek cultural ecology initiative.

Videography of campus sustainable infrastructure and services

Parramatta campus has built infrastructure and services which contribute to sustainable campus operations including the 6 Star Green Star Science Building. Find out more about the campus sustainable infrastructure and services initiative.

Health promoting plants

A collaboration between the WSU Chinese Medicine Centre and the Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security (SAFS) program focuses on the propagation and demonstration of health promoting plants. Find out more abut the health promoting plants initiative.

Precision agriculture in grazing systems

An exciting solution is being implemented on the Hawkesbury Farm to assist management of the irrigation of fodder crops with recycled water, and demonstrate precision agriculture. Find out more about our precision agriculture initiative.

Water recycling and reuse

Water recycling on the Hawkesbury campus has been a key component of operational demonstration of best practice peri-urban landscape management. Find out more about the water recycling and reuse initiative.

Grazing operations and showing cattle

The grazing operation demonstrates mainstream sustainability principles, including irrigation with recycled water, minimum tillage and application of composted poultry manure and more. Find out more about our grazing operations and cattle initiative.

Student-led community horticultural garden

A community horticultural garden is being established with the Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security (SAFS) students from the School of Science and Health. Find out more about the student-led horticultural garden initiative.

Building energy monitoring and modelling

To complement energy efficiency initiatives our students in Engineering are involved with energy monitoring and modelling on Parramatta campus. Find out more about the energy monitoring and modelling initiative.

C02 enhanced concrete for biosecurity structures

Engineering researchers and students have developed a recycled concrete product which is enhanced through pressurised carbon dioxide (CO2). Find out more about the CO2 enhanced concrete initiative.

Photovoltaics and engineering systems

Current investigations into energy efficiency initiatives and market opportunities for renewables are developing including a hybrid photovoltaic and wind station. Find out more about the photovoltatic initiative.

Bush regeneration and environmental education

An opportunity to engage practical bush regeneration was implemented on Kingswood campus with students and Conservation Volunteers Australia. Find out more about the bush regeneration and environmental education initiative.

Resilience planning for campus infrastructure and communities of practice

A resilience planning process has begun to address the predicted impacts of climate change in Western Sydney on our University campus infrastructure and communities of practice. Find out more about our campus resilience planning initiative.

Hawkesbury Bushfire Unit

Volunteers from a number of University departments are involved in training around established escalation and response protocols consistent with bush fire risk on Hawkesbury campus. Find out more about the bushfire unit initiative.

Urban built form and sustainability

Researchers associated with the Sustainability Theme and Champions have been involved with Master planning discussions regarding the future Werrington campus site looking at the fields of construction, urban planning and design. Find out more about the urban built form initiative.


The Intergener8 (Young and Resilient) Living Lab by ICS will research and develop innovative, evidence-based products, services, and solutions that enhance young people's resilience, wellbeing, entrepreneurship and economic participation. Find out more about the young and resilient initiative.

Living Labs Team

The Living Labs team includes a wide range of staff and academics at Western are Mr Christopher Levins, Prof Jonathon Allen, Dr Alison Gill, Dr Roger Attwater, Dr Maryella Hatfield, Assoc. Prof Jeff Powell, Assoc. Prof Juan Francisco Salazar, Prof Kerry London, Dr Adam Daniel, Dr Abby Mellick Lopes, Prof Vivian Tam, Dr Tosin Famakinwa and Prof Priti Krishna. Want to get involved? Join the team or share your living lab story with us.