Sustainability Scholars Network

Scholars Network

The Sustainability Scholars Network (SSN) is open to academics across all disciplines. SSN is committed to:

  1. Developing a scholarly community of practice
  2. Supporting delivery of EfS learning within the curriculum
  3. Exploring professional development opportunities
  4. Working on joint publications for transformative learning

If you would like to join or attend the next meeting please email for more information.

Sustainability Educators

Vale Professor Michael Jeffery, QC

Michael Jeffery was a Professor in Environmental Law at the university. He is a much sought after supervisor of PhD candidates in his areas of research and several of his current students have followed him in order to continue to be supervised by him. Throughout his career, Michael has given his time and utilized his experience and expertise to assist in achieving the goals of several national and international organization and associations. He will be greatly missed.

Dr John Hadley

John Hadley's research serves to consolidate the project of moral inclusion initiated by the first-generation of philosophers working on animal and environmental issues. His teaching expertise includes applied ethics, ethical theory, social and political philosophy, history of philosophy.

Dr David Wright

David Wright's research interests lies in the overlapping fields of cognition, embodiment, performance, creativity, learning and systems thinking. David teaches in the overlapping fields of Social Ecology, Transformative Learning, Creativity and Sustainability.

Associate Professor Jonathon Allen

Associate Professor Jonathon Allen is the Associate Head of School, Industrial Design. Jon's research interests span: new and emerging materials and technologies; design's role in addressing social and environmental concerns; sustainable design, transport design and many other interests.

Dr Neil Perry

Dr Neil Perry is a research lecturer in corporate social responsibility and sustainability. He specialises in heterodox economics approaches to environmental economics such as ecological economics, institutional economics, and post Keynesian economics.

Dr Emma Power

Emma Power is a cultural geographer who lectures in Geography and Urban Studies. Her research examines urban natures, everyday practices of sustainability and homemakeing, and human - animal relations.

Dr Adrian Renshaw

Dr Adrian Renshaw is a lecturer in the School of Natural Sciences and teaches Biology, Genetics and Conservation Biology into both the Natural Science and Science undergraduate courses.

Mr Sasha Alexander

Mr Sasha Alexander coordinates the School of Engineering Sustainable Design programs and is a founding member of the Australian Sustainable Business Alliance. Sasha delivers several post graduate units on minimising the impact products can have on the global economy.

Associate Professor Robyn Bushell

Associate Professor Robyn Bushell's work focuses on the values underpinning quality of life, wellness and sustainable development. Robyn is Co-Chair of the Task Force on Tourism and Protected Areas, World Commission on Protected Areas and NSW Vice Chancellors' representative member of the NSW Environmental Education Council.

Dr Brenda Dobia

Dr Brenda Dobia is a core member of the social ecology group in the School of Education. Brenda has active interests in cross-cultural and collaborative research and in her unit Education for Sustainability first year teaching students are introduced to the sustainable school and society.

Dr Wayne Fallon

Dr Wayne Fallon's current teaching responsibilities in the School of Management are in the areas of business sustainability, governance and ethics. In his unit engaged learning Contemporary Management Issues student focus on real world sustainability issues in a business environment.

Dr Ricky Spencer

Dr Ricky Spencer is a founding member of the Native and Pest Animal Unit in the School of Natural Sciences. His area of research covers ecology; evolution; pest management and control; animal behaviour and biology.

Dr Abby Lopes

Dr Abby Lopes is a Senior Lecturer in Design with the School of Communication Arts. Her primary academic and industrial experience is in design for sustainability, and she has worked with the EcoDesign Foundation. Abby has published widely on sustainable design issues.

Associate Professor Basant Maheshwari

Associate Professor Basant Maheshwari recent research on irrigation efficiency on farms, sporting fields and around homes is having considerable impacts on NSW policy and operational decisions in the urban water sector. Basant coordinates a number of Masters units focusing on sustainable development, environmental management and environmental health.

Dr Loshini Naidoo

Dr Loshini Naidoo is an established academic figure in the area of social justice education, not only within the Master of Teaching (Secondary) program and the School of Education but also in the international arena. Loshini plays a key role in ensuring a diverse student profile through the student support programs Refugee Action Support and Crossing Borders.

Dr Julie Wen

Dr Julie Wen's interests are in sustainable tourism, tourism management and environmental economics. Julie is lecturer in the School of Social Science and teaches a number of sustainability focussed units including 'Tourism Sustainability and Social Trends' and 'Development and Sustainability'.

Dr Tony Webb

Tony Webb is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Science and Health. His teaching includes Agricultural Supply Chain Management and the 'capstone' field project program where final year agriculture, animal, food and environmental science undergraduates undertake field research for industry, government or community clients on real world issues that utilise the skills and knowledge developed in their degree.

Mr Burhan Amiji

Burhan Amiji is the Senior Technical Officer responsible for the smooth operation of the Hawkesbury Forest Experiment site - specifically the whole tree chamber installation with a supervision role over the Rainout Shelter site and the Eddy Flux site.

Dr Vivian Tam

Vivian Tam is a Senior Lecturer in the UWS School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics. She has been developing her research interests in the areas of environmental management, sustainable construction and concrete recycling.