How can universities best equip our graduates to meet the social, cultural, economic, resource and environmental challenges of the coming decades?

FLIPCurric (opens in a new window) is a global online practitioner's guide, developed as part of an Australian Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) National Senior Teaching Fellowship by Professor Geoff Scott on assuring graduates keep pace with rapidly changing needs and contexts in the 21st century. FLIPCurric brings together the practical experience of 3,700 learning and teaching global leaders and what these leaders have found most useful. The guide features a range of exemplars of powerful assessments sorted alphabetically under each type including many EfS case studies.

The six keys to 'flipping' the curriculum and assuring the quality of higher education achievement standards and assessment involve getting the following 'right' (that is evidence-based, relevant, benchmarked, situation-specific and peer confirmed) in the order shown:

  1. 'Right' Program level outcomes first
  2. 'Right' Mapping
  3. 'Right' Assessment
  4. 'Right' Grading
  5. 'Right' Calibration
  6. 'Right' Learning Methods and Resources