Diabetes and Pregnancy

  • Combining the diabetes in pregnancy databases across the 3 sites to describe the epidemiology, identify subgroups/risk prediction models, create pipelines for patients into follow up studies and trials.
  • Linking databases with databases outside South Western Sydney (current potential with 8 other Australian sites, 2-3 New Zealand sites, Tonga and Sweden) to describe the epidemiology of diabetes in pregnancy across different ethnic groups/populations and health service approaches
  • Undertake randomised controlled trials to test different management strategies e.g.
    • MiTy (metformin in type 2 diabetes funded by the Canadian Health Institute for Research),
    • EXPECT study-Degludec in T1 pregnancy (Novo Nordisk)
    • TOBOGM (testing the benefits/dysbenefits of early GDM diagnosis) NHMRC funded
    • trial of different carbohydrate intakes with RPA
    • trial of risk stratification and trial of treating obesity in pregnancy without diabetes
  • DCAPP-Testing a regional pre-pregnancy program (comparable to EASIPOD in the UK) including building upon the integrated care work with the PHN to demonstrate a reduction in malformations and other adverse pregnancy outcomes (5 year programme)
  • Describing the epidemiology and natural history of NAFLD/NASH in pregnancy and testing whether progression can be prevented through lifestyle change (5 year program).
  • Health economics of diabetes in pregnancy/pre-pregnancy care

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