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Sign up today for our latest workshop from Adobe 'Digital Storytelling', under our Your Workplace on Your Terms colloquium.

Remember technology is about you.

Working with our technology partners, LaTTe, along with Learning Futures and ITDS are pleased to showcase a series of events to provide the opportunity for our staff to learn what is possible with the use of technology in the workplace, on your terms. We are bringing you the big names in the tech industry so they can show you the most up-to-date information and trends that are taking place globally. This page will list our events where you can sign up and learn more about the possibilities of technology.

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Creativity is considered one of the most important skills required to thrive in the workplace in the next 20 years. Having skills in creativity, collaboration and complex problem solving is a great way to prepare for the future. Adobe is a world leader in digital creativity and enabling digital literacy.

As a part of our Colloquium and planned workshops with Adobe, we will have two workshops, held on 26 February, to learn how you can become a digital storyteller using Adobe Spark. We are only accepting a max of 20 people per workshop, so please register quickly to ensure your place.

Adobe Spark for web and mobile makes it fast and easy to create social graphics, web pages and video stories anywhere for free. Simply pick a design template, add your photo and text and quickly resize your creation to fit your favourite social media site or blog. With Spark Page, transform words, images and videos into dynamic web stories with Spark. Put a unique twist on anything — a book report, weekly newsletter or your latest travel adventure.

The sessions will be held by Dr Tim Kitchen, Adobe’s Senior Education Specialist for APAC, will teach you how to use this tool seamlessly and creatively. We will have a series of events held within the year, so if this one does not suit, please be reassured that we will have more soon.

Adobe Workshop Details

Where: Parramatta South, EA.LG.18 (Computer Lab)
When: 26 February 2020
Choice of two timeslots:

  • 10:00am - 11:00am; OR
  • 11:30am - 12:30pm

Please secure your seat and sign up below for your spot it will be first come, first served. Please feel free to bring your own device, however, a computer will be there to use as well.

Please contact Katie Elcombe if you have further questions.

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