Western Sydney University has embarked on a large-scale transformative initiative that is bringing the highest quality educational opportunities and world-class research expertise to Australia's fastest growing region. Advances in digital content delivery and classroom technologies have facilitated a shift towards new teaching and learning styles, engaging students with rich content remotely while optimising the effectiveness of “face”-time in a blended modality.

Western Sydney University precincts see state-of-the-art learning, teaching and research facilities in the region's key CBDs and growth centres, including The Peter Shergold Building that opened at 1 Parramatta Square in January 2017, and the Liverpool City campus that opened in early 2018. Bankstown in 2020 will be another opportunity for us to refresh the model, learn from prior experiences and evolve further towards true next-generation experiences. In these new environments students and staff interact in person around experiences where knowledge is applied, with case studies and worked examples reviewed and reflected upon rather than simply presented.

The Learning Futures Team work side-by-side with academics, ITDS, Capital Works and other experts to co-design these spaces to leverage ubiquitous technology, flexible room arrangements, break-out study nooks and the delivery of enhanced materials between sessions. These precincts provide opportunities to develop challenging, intrinsically motivating, even addictive learning that will fully prepare Western students for the changing work environment around them.