The Digital Futures Team

The Digital Futures Team will flex and scale to support empowering implementations to ensure that Schools and students are supported with emerging blends of new technologies and new pedagogies. Our aim is to lead and inspire with emerging technologies, while also leading in technical facilitation of human interaction that will optimise engagement and make education almost compulsive viewing. We support revised goals for online and remote student participation in the learning experience. We create an improved structure and opportunities for staff professional development, encouraging a “project” cross-functional support model while nurturing key skills-based elements. We also advocate for effective adaptation and scaling of services based on technological changes and evolving student needs. Read on for more information about the DFT.

For operational support we encourage all staff to contact us via The Digital Futures Team (DFT) will triage all requests and support wherever possible remotely. Operational nuts-and-bolts issues are generally resolved with minimal turnaround time.

More substantial project ideas such as new courses or innovative applications of emerging technologies involve a longer conversation with one of our Digital Consultants to scope out a project plan with timelines, resources and (perhaps) costs. Contact your Digital Consultant to discuss possible projects.

Connect and Collaborate with the DFT

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PVC Digital Futures Professor Kevin Bell (opens in a new window)
Director Digital Futures Lynnae Venaruzzo (opens in a new window)
Director Rich Media Dr Rachel Bentley (opens in a new window)
Senior Digital Consultant Kim Heckenberg (opens in a new window)