A Virtual Laboratory for Human Communication Science

Alveo is one of the Virtual Laboratories funded by the National eResearch Collaboration Tools and Resources (NeCTAR) project, developed in a collaboration between 13 universities and 3 organisations.

Alveo improves the reusability and replicability of results. It provides easy access to previously unshared tools for the analysis of previously difficult-to-access data sets, from different disciplines (speech science and speech technology, linguistics and language technology, behavioural science, music science, acoustics, psychology).

Alveo is a platform for collaborative e-research in. It is :

  • a repository for diverse data collections of speech, text, music, images and video
  • a web interface for browsing data and creating items lists for further study
  • a web API that supports scripted access to data for tools and new interfaces

The Alveo Galaxy Workflow Engine wraps complex tools into an easy to use we interface. You can:

  • build workflows that chain tools together
  • save, share and publish workflows
  • add new tools to support your workflows
  • run them on the NeCTAR Research Cloud.

Alveo provides National Infrastructure for Australian researchers to store data. New data submissions are encouraged, we will help you prepare your data for ingest. Share your data with as few or as many researchers as you wish under terms that you decide. For more information, please contact the Project Manager Dominique Estival.

Alveo Publications

  • Dominique Estival, Steve Cassidy, Karin Verspoor, Andrew MacKinlay, Denis Burnham (2014). "Integrating UIMA with Alveo, a human communication science virtual laboratory". Workshop on Open Infrastructures and Analysis Frameworks for HLT (COLING 2014). Dublin, Ireland.
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  • Peter Sefton, Dominique Estival, Steve Cassidy, Denis Burnham, Jared Berghold. (2014). "The Human Communication Science Virtual Lab (HCS vLab): A repository microclimate in a rapidly evolving research-ecosystem". 9th International Conference on Open Repositories. Helsinki, Finland.
  • Dominique Estival, Steve Cassidy, Peter Sefton, Denis Burnham (2013). "The Human Communication Science Virtual Lab". 7th eResearch Australasia Conference. Brisbane, Australia.


Alveo Screenshot