Delegations Request Form - New and Acting Delegation Records

The purpose of this form is to capture the information that is needed to create delegations in the Delegations Register (opens in a new window). 

Complete this form if you require a new or an Acting delegation record. You should only complete this form if you have already obtained written approval from the relevant Unit Head, you must attach written approval or a higher duties form.

The Delegations Register should be used in conjunction with the Delegations (Administrative) Policy (opens in a new window). An extensive Frequently Asked Questions (opens in a new window) section is also provided.

If you have any problems completing this form, please contact the Delegations Administrative Officer (opens in a new window) or email the Policy and Governance Unit (opens in a new window) .

Please note: Fields with '*' are required as mandatory fields and must be filled in.

Delegates details (person who requires the delegation)

*Staff ID
*Contact Number
*Email Address
*Type/Category of delegation required
Further information can be found within the Delegation Schedules (opens in a new window)
Individual named position title (if applicable)
A list of individually named position titles can be found in clause 8, table 1 of the Delegations (Administrative) Policy (opens in a new window)
*Cost centre/project codes relating to the delegation

Please enter:
Cost Centre - Project code OR
select All Projects.

Add another line using the plus button.

*Date of effect
*Is this an Acting position
End date of Acting delegation
Name of person in substantive position

Contact details of the person completing the form (if not the delegate)


Please note that, when using Internet Explorer, the file name of uploaded documents will not be displayed. After submitting this form, you will receive an email that will confirm if documents have been received.

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