What We Do

CatalystWest is Western Sydney University’s forum for world’s best evidence-based policy innovations and outcomes. 

Led by the Centre’s Director, Dr Andy Marks, CatalystWest is shaped by genuine collaboration and driven by a belief that Australia’s most diverse and dynamic region should determine its own future. 

At the 2019 CatalystWest forum, we saw 350 collaborators from the community, government and industry come together at Parramatta Square to co-create solutions to the West’s biggest challenges. These solutions have been consolidated in the ‘CatalystWest: The Outcomes’ report. The report is not simply a product of the University. In reality, it is authored by the students, entrepreneurs, community workers, corporates, researchers, government and industry representatives who contributed so selflessly and energetically to the forum. This is their report. The solutions it offers are their ideas. What happens to make those ideas a reality is our collective responsibility. But it is also a test of political will.

CatalystWest Conversations

During the COVID-19 crisis, we confronted the critical issues experienced by Western Sydney by delivering a bespoke digital series. The series brought together leaders across industry, community and the university, to provide real-time analysis on issues like migration, the arts, infrastructure, education, and public spaces. 

CatalystWest Video Playlist