World War Covid

By Zahrah Khan



Waking up to the sound of sirens in the background,
Anonymous faces, pairs of eyes walking around,
Sanity and freedom lost and may never be found,

Forests are on fire, cities are drowning,
People are stocking, the doors are locking,
The virus is spreading, is the world ending?



‘Stay home, stay home, stay home’
Another day with my dark thoughts alone,
We’re all scared of the unknown,

Staying safe by paying mental health as our fee,
Blue uniforms as far as the eye can see,
Some are rebelling against the government’s decree, 



Coming down with a case of dysthymia,
Crowds in hospitals creating a feeling of claustrophobia,
Existing on a planet now known as dystopia. 

About the Author | Zahrah Khan

Zahrah is a currently studying a Masters Degree in Business Administration at Western Sydney University. She lives in South-West Sydney and spends her spare time writing creative pieces for her personal blog.