Western Sydney's Priorities

Understanding the interdependencies is the key to good government in the West.


Western Sydney might be viewed as a challenging proposition for any government, given the region’s unapparelled growth, its spatial, socioeconomic, health and economic disparities, and its relative political unpredictability demand a nuanced approach. Understanding the interdependencies is the key to good government in the West. Being flexible and responsive, operating inside, outside and across portfolio lanes is a must. Recognising the region’s strengths is fundamental.

With regard to Western Sydney’s strengths, the cascading effect of supporting women in the economy, highlights what is possible if interconnected government engagement with the West is encouraged, supported and benchmarked. The priority a government affords an evidently critical, and inter-related issue like the economic participation of women, is a good barometer of its performance overall.


The Centre for Western Sydney's ‘Mid-Term Report Card’ takes a comprehensive and integrated approach to benchmarking. It looks at the Centre’s six defined priority areas, critical to Western Sydney’s continued development:

The ratings against each priority account for the Centre’s own analysis and the responses received by the Centre’s partners in business, the community, local government, peak bodies, researchers, the NSW Government and the Opposition. Ratings include, where applicable, partner and Centre commentary on specific areas of government performance.

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