How to: apply for Pathways credit

Before you start

Before you submit your application for Pathways credit, make sure you're using the right form.

We have two types of credit for previous study:

  • Pathways credit – if you have completed a vocational or higher education Diploma or Advanced Diploma that is listed as an approved Tertiary Education Pathway, you may be eligible to claim Pathways credit. Find out if you're in a Tertiary Education Pathway and claim your Pathways credit online
  • Advanced Standing – if you have completed any previous study not covered by a Pathway (Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Degree level)

If you aren't eligible for Pathways credit, you can't use the Pathways credit eForm, you will need to submit an Advanced Standing application.

Submit your Pathways credit application

All Pathways credit applications are completed online through our eForms system.

Find the form

Pathways credit applications can now be completed online via the eForm Portal.


The first part of the Pathways credit form is a checklist that you need to answer in order to proceed.

If you answer 'no' to some of the questions, you may see an error message, which will prevent you from completing the form. This is to make sure you have completed your enrolment successfully. If your responses do prevent you from completing the form, please proceed instead with the Advanced Standing form by clicking on the link above.

When you're finished, click 'Next Page'.

1 – Personal details

The personal details section of the form will be pre-populated with information from your student record.

You need to select your Course code from the drop down box. This will populate the rest of your information.

If the 'Preferred daytime contact number' field is blank, you need to fill this in before you can proceed.

When you're finished, click 'Next Page'.

2 – Pathway details

The form then asks you to enter the pathway code that applies to you. If you don't already know the code, click on the link provided at the top of this section.

Once you have the correct code, enter it into the 'Pathway Code' box and click 'Get Details'.

A list of pathway options matching your search will appear in a pop-up window. Select the correct option and click 'Select' at the bottom of the box.

The details of the credit you will receive will now be showing in the box titled 'You will receive Credit for:'.

Note: Do not enrol in any of the units showing here.

When you're finished, click 'Next Page'.

Submit or save form

This is the last section of the form. You need to read the privacy statement carefully and make sure you understand it.

If you are ready to submit the form, click 'Submit'.
This will take you to the 'Submission Complete' page (see below).

Saving incomplete forms
If you want to save your incomplete form, and complete it later, click the 'Save'.
If you click the 'Save' button you will get a notification screen advising you that the form has been saved. This page also contains your tracking code (which you need to keep a record of) and a link to your saved form.

Note: You can save your form at any time by clicking the 'Save Form' button, which is in the bottom left hand corner of every page.

Submission Complete page

Once you have submitted your form, you will be taken to the Submission Complete page. This page shows your tracking code. Please make sure that you keep this tracking code (also called a submission ID number). You will need this number if you need to follow up or contact us about your application.

You can download a PDF copy of your form on this page. You will also receive an email with a copy of the form you submitted as a receipt.

Log out

As a final step, don't forget to log out of eForms.

Just click 'Logout', which is located in the top right hand corner of the screen.