PASSOnline are online PASS sessions delivered via Blackboard Collaborate. They offer an accessible alternative to students unable to attend on-campus sessions. PASSOnline sessions are scheduled in the evening and can be joined remotely via computer, tablet or smart phone.

PASSOnline sessions follow the same format as on campus sessions and utilise tools such as virtual polls, whiteboards and quizzes to replicate the collaborative learning environment of PASS sessions.

Joining a PASSOnline session

Students can participate in a PASSOnline session via video, microphone or chat. How you participate is up to you! To use the video or audio functionality you will need a microphone and webcam, however this is not essential. Blackboard Collaborate is also available for both iOS (opens in a new window) and Android (opens in a new window) devices. We recommend a headset or earphones that have a microphone. Using the in-built mic on a laptop or mobile device can create unwanted feedback.

Each unit has its own unique Blackboard Collaborate room. These can be accessed via the room link next to your preferred session on the  timetable.

Click on the link for the PASSOnline room 15 minutes before your session is due to start. Once the session launches you'll be asked to type your name and click "log in".

For further information on accessing Blackboard Collaborate please follow the Blackboard App link below:


If you're having issues joining a PASSOnline session contact the IT Support Desk.

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