Benefits of PASS

Studies show that when students attend PASS they are more likely to gain a better grade than if they didn't attend. This particularly applies when students attend PASS regularly throughout the teaching session.

PASS can help you to develop learning strategies that can be applied to other subjects throughout your university experience. PASS also offers the opportunity to make friends and to feel more confident with the unit content.

Unit results - the more PASS the better!

Regular PASS attendees achieve on average 10-15 grade points higher than their non-attending peers. The more PASS sessions you attend, the greater the impact on your results. Achieve more together with PASS!

PASS program Result - Autumn 2020

Motivation and Confidence

Attending PASS increases your motivation and confidence. 82% of attendees agree that they feel more motivated about their studies because of PASS.

“My experience in PASS sessions made me feel more motivated as I have gained more knowledge on how to look after my patients because I understood the lectures more. Studying and working collaboratively with other students and with the facilitator helps me gain build my confidence as well. It is a very good experience indeed...” 

(PASS attendee)

Similarly, 78% of PASS attendees feel more confident in their ability to study because of attending PASS.

Connection to other students

PASS is a great way to connect with peers in your course and make friends.

“I know a lot more students from attending PASS sessions. I can ask them questions, study with them and I have someone to talk to in my classes”