Benefits of PASS

Studies show that when students attend PASS they are more likely to gain a better grade than if they didn't attend. This particularly applies when students attend PASS regularly throughout the teaching session.

PASS can help you to develop learning strategies that can be applied to other subjects throughout your university experience. PASS also offers the opportunity to make friends and to feel more confident with the unit content.

PASS Achievements

Find out about the PASS achievements and awards the PASS program has won over the last ten years.

Unit results - the more PASS the better!

PASS is offered in at least one unit in every Western Sydney University School, for a full listing go to the PASS units webpage.

In Spring 2016, regular PASS attendees achieved 14.2 grades higher than their non-attending peers. We have put together just a snap shot of some of the results from 2016. The more PASS sessions you attend, the greater the impact on your results. Achieve more together with PASS!

100958 Australia and the World

200525 Principles of Economics

200032 Statistics for Business

300803 Essential Chemistry 2