Tax Help

Get your tax return done for free!

Tax Help appointments commence on the 1st August 2019 and continue until the 31st October 2019.

Appointments will be made available via Orgsync one week prior to the commencement of Tax Help.

The Tax Help services provides you with assistance from volunteers who can help you complete your tax return through your MyGov account. This service is completely free and only available to Western Sydney University students when the service is operating at tax time of each year.

If you are a member of the general public and want help with your tax return, please contact 13 28 61 for your nearest tax help centre.

Get your tax return done in 5 easy steps

Step 1: Check to make sure that you are eligible for Tax Help.

Step 2: Book your tax help appointment through Orgsync (opens in a new window). Appointments are now open.

Step 3: Create a MyGov account (opens in a new window) . You will need to do this before your Tax Help appointment, otherwise the Tax Help volunteer will not be able to complete your tax return. The how to create a MyGov account YouTube video (opens in a new window) may be a useful guide.

Step 4: Prepare all of your tax related documents to bring to your Tax Help appointment. A printable document list is available to help you know what to bring.

Step 5: Go to your Tax Help appointment - don't forget your documents and be on time to get the most out of your appointment.

Tax Help Eligibility

To be eligible for the Tax Help service:
  • You must have an income of $50,000 or less. Please Note: Centrelink benefits are considered to be an income.

Tax Help volunteers cannot help you with your tax return if:

  • You were employed as a contractor (e.g. a contract cleaner or taxi driver)
  • You owned a business, including being a sole trader or partner
  • You sold shares or an investment property
  • You owned a rental property
  • You received royalties
  • You received distributions from a trust other than a managed fund
  • You received a foreign income other than a foreign pension or annuity

Documents to prepare

By coming to your appointment with your MyGov account details and all of your relevant documents, the Tax Help volunteer will be able to lodge your tax return at your appointment. This may mean you receive a tax refund sooner.

The below list of documents has been put together to help you prepare for your appointment. Not all documents listed may be relevant to you and if you are unsure of what documents you need to bring, please contact the ATO (opens in a new window) before your appointment.

General documents

  • Last year's Tax Return
  • Medicare card
  • Record of sales and purchases of any shares, businesses or properties
  • Private Health Insurance details (If you have private health insurance, you will receive a statement in the mail from your insurer or you can print one out online)
  • Spouse details (Name, Date of Birth and income earned for the financial year)
  • Children/dependant details (Including Date of Birth and evidence of any Centrelink benefits)
  • Bank account details (BSB and account number)

Income documents

  • PAYG Summaries (issued by your employer outlining how much you earned and the paid in the financial year)
  • Pensions or Government payments/allowances (e.g. Centrelink Austudy statement etc. You can print these statements from your online Centrelink account)
  • Interest earned in the financial year from banks, building societies etc. (Your bank will send you a financial year statement after 30 June, outlining all interest paid to you)
  • Dividend statements
  • Details of any other income earned

Expense documents

  • Work related expenses (e.g. uniform, tools, education, fees etc)
  • Motor vehicle expenses (including a log of kilometres travelled or an estimation if no long exists and any other work related motor vehicle expense)
  • Travel expenses (train/bus fares paid for while on work time for work purposes or travelling between jobs. Please Note: Travel costs incurred when travelling to and from work are not tax deductable)
  • Charity donation receipts