MATES Application for new students

MATES provides first year students with the opportunity to be connected with information and resources to help them settle into life at University. Through the program new students can choose to connect with a Mentor, who is a volunteer student in his or her later years of study. Mentors help new students to make social networks and acquire the knowledge and skills needed to succeed at University. The program also includes a weekly MATES Mail email, access to the MATES vUWS site and the MATES Facebook group.

This application is for commencing students who are interested in participating in the MATES Program as a mentee/first year student. On this form you can opt in to receive the weekly emails and/or be matched with a Mentor who will assist you in settling in at Western Sydney University.

Please Note: Fields with * are required as mandatory fields and must be filled in.

Student Information

This is found on your student card and is 8 digits.

this is your student

Mobile phone number must begin with 04. Do not enter the country code.
I acknowledge that I will be responsible for choosing my own mentor using the MATES vUWS site. I understand that step-by-step instructions will be emailed to my student email account in the next 2-3 business days.
I read the new student Frequently Asked Questions and understand that MATES mentors are not tutors and will not provide academic support or help with assessment.