Bullying is not acceptable anytime, anywhere. The University is committed to ensuring a safe, respectful, and inclusive learning environment for all.

Note: The information on this page is primarily for students. If you're a staff member who has experienced bullying in the workplace, refer to the Bullying Prevention Policy and Guidelines and contact the Complaints Resolution Unit, your HR Advisor or Equity and Diversity for further advice.

What is bullying?

Bullying is repeated, unreasonable behaviour that is intimidating, degrading or humiliating. It can impact safety and wellbeing, including psychological, emotional and physical health, and may take place on campus, within student accommodation, or via phone, email or online.

How can I report bullying?

If you’ve witnessed or experienced bullying:

1. Record the behaviours in writing

  • Make note of the date, time, location, and witnesses that were present.
  • Describe the bullying behaviours.
  • Describe the impact of the bullying e.g. impact to studies, submission of tasks, class attendance. Accessing wellbeing support via a doctor or counsellor.
  • Seek support from the Counselling or Welfare Service via 1300 668 370 (option 4 then option 1).

2. Speak to the bully directly if you can and it is safe to do so

Make it clear that the behaviour is unwelcome and unacceptable and ask them to stop. This may resolve the matter. If not, proceed to the next step.

3. Report bullying to the University

  • Provide details of each bullying incident.
  • If the bullying allegation is against a student, report it to the relevant Dean. The matter will be dealt with under the Student Misconduct Rule.
  • If the bullying allegation is against a staff member, report it to their supervisor or relevant Dean. The matter will be dealt with under the Bullying Prevention Policy.
  • Ensure that you stay informed about the progress of your report. Seek regular updates from the Dean via email.

You can find the relevant Dean’s contact details in the Staff Directory. If you’re unsure who to report to, contact the Welfare Service for support via 1300 668 370 (option 4 then option 1) or WesternNow

4. Lodge a formal complaint

If you’ve reported bullying to the University but you’re unsatisfied with the outcome, lodge a formal complaint with the Complaints Resolution Unit. They’ll ask you what you’ve done to try to resolve the situation before they investigate the complaint. See the Complaint Management Policy for more information.

Wellbeing Services

If you’d like some support to report bullying, book an appointment with a Welfare Officer. Free and confidential counselling support is also available. Book with Welfare or Counselling via  WesternNow or 1300 668 370 (option 4 then option 1).

External SupportReachout is an online youth mental health service providing information on types of bullying and external support services.