Leave of Absence

I want to submit a request for Leave of Absence due to extenuating circumstances.

*This process is for Student Visa holders only. Complete application form (opens in a new window)supporting documents (opens in a new window) or Medical Information Form must be provided.

* International College and Sydney City Campus students

If you are studying at International College or Sydney City Campus, please do not use this online request form. Please contact your support team directly to discuss your circumstances and making an application.

While every effort is made to provide you an outcome as soon as possible, your application may take up to 10 business days to be assessed. You must complete all fields. Any missing information or documentation may cause a delay in processing your request.

Online Request Form

* Student Name

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Currently enrolled in:

* Course Name

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* Have you completed one session of studies?

Please Note: To be eligible for a Leave of Absence, you have completed at least one session of your studies.

You must discuss your matter with a Student Welfare Officer. Please email the Student Welfare Service or call 1300 668 370 to make an appointment.

* Provide a personal statement outlining your reasons for applying for Leave of Absence, your plans during leave if your application is approved and how you will manage your studies in future.
(maximum 300 words)

If you require more space, you may attach your statement as a supporting document below.

* Where will you be if your Leave of Absence is granted?

Download Leave of Absence application here (opens in a new window).

Supporting Documents to be uploaded

1. * Application form

(Uploaded file must be no larger than 2 MB)

2. * Supporting documents e.g. Medical Information Form, VEVO statement, a support letter from a Wellbeing Officer at the University, flight tickets

(Uploaded files must be no larger than 2 MB)

3. * Study plans from ACA with new expected course completion date 

(Uploaded file must be no larger than 2 MB)


* I confirm that my details are correct. My application for Leave of Absence is for that current teaching session, unless specified.

* I understand that my application still requires approval and I will be notified of the outcome via an email to my student account within 10 business days.

* I understand that the Student Welfare Service may contact me to discuss my application and support options.

* All documents provided are legitimate. I can provide original documentation if required.

* I understand the ESOS implications, including:

  • - I may need to obtain a new Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) and may need to apply for a new student visa if the course end date has changed because of this application.
  • - I am responsible for applying for a new Visa if necessary.
  • - I will contact the Department of Home Affairs on 131 881 if I have further questions regarding my visa.

* I declare that I have read and understood the university privacy policies and the important information which are indicated on the application form.