International Buddy Program

International Buddy Program

The International Buddy Program is a peer led program that provides support to both new and current International students as they transition to life in Australia and their studies at Western Sydney University.  

Whether you have arrived in Australia or are starting your studies while in your home country our International Buddies are here to  assist.

What is the International Buddy Program?

The International Buddy Program provides support to International Students as they prepare for studying in Australia, once they arrive and transition to their studies.  This support is provided through regular zoom catch ups, campus events and a weekly newsletter.

One of the aims of the program is to provide you with knowledge of the services that are here to support you such as Western Success, MATES Mentoring Program, English Conversation Groups to name a few.  We share opportunities to be an active participant at University and to be a part of the student community through Sports, Student Clubs and Associations and WESTERNLife.  We want you to find that balance of Academic and Social achievement that university offers.

We work closely with teams across the campus, both student and staff led to ensure you are receiving up to date information and guidance.

I'm a new student, how do I get involved?

Registrations are now open to join the program, click here to complete the registration form.

For more information about the International Buddy Program please send an email to