Applying for extensions with an AIP

If extensions are one of your stated Academic Integration Plan (AIP) adjustments and you need to apply for an extension on the basis of your disability/health condition, you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Submit your request for an assessment extension by email to the Unit Coordinator or other designated staff member (as advised by the school) and CC the lecturer. The form can be lodged before, or no later than 5:00pm; two working days after the due date of the assessment task.
    • Complete the 'Request for Extension' form which is located under the 'Assessment' heading on the student forms webpage.
    • Attach a copy of your AIP to your email and provide a written statement that you are seeking an extension as a result of the current impacts of your condition.
    • Email both the tutor and Unit Coordinator to let them know that you have submitted an extension application. Wait for their approval before negotiating the length of the extension. Make sure you always confirm in writing what your new due date is, even if you have negotiated a due date in person.
  2. Submit your assessment either before or on the new negotiated due date.
    • If you need a second extension on your assessment you will need to provide additional supporting evidence such as medical documentation. Your medical practitioner does not have to disclose your condition/disability on the medical certificate; they only need to declare that you are unfit to study for the stated period of time.

Please note: if your application refers to extenuating circumstances that are not related to your disability or chronic health condition, your AIP will not be sufficient evidence and you will also need to provide further documentation as per the Assessment Policy on assignment extensions.


Your unit coordinator will advise the outcome of your request for an extension via your student email address, as soon as is practicable. The unit coordinator may contact you to discuss the matter further, if necessary.

If you have submitted your extension application on time and you have any issues with approval or negotiating the extension with the academic staff member, contact your Disability Advisor. If your application was not submitted within the required timeframe i.e. before 5:00pm two working days after the due date, you will need to obtain the unit coordinators permission to submit a late special consideration application. Please refer to the Special Consideration webpage for more information.