SSAF Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ's about funding projects

I don't think SSAF funding benefits me

If you feel like the current initiatives being funded by the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) do not benefit you, we want to know what services or amenities would be beneficial to a student in your circumstances. Please email any ideas to or talk to your local Student Campus Council (SCC).

Can you put some of the money towards improving parking issues?

Parking is not an allowable use of the SSAF income. The fee income needs to be spent according to the legislation and the Student Services, Amenities, Representation and Advocacy Guidelines. Please see the allowable uses of SSAF for a full list of what we can spend SSAF funds on.

I want better sporting facilities

After receiving your feedback, SSAF funds have been allocated to several projects involving sporting facilities at University campuses. For example in 2013 you will notice an upgrade to tennis courts at Kingswood and Hawkesbury campuses and basketball courts at Kingswood campus.

In 2013 funding has also been allocated to support our University games representatives. If there is a particular recreational facility or sporting equipment you would like considered, please email

Keep your eyes on the SSAF Priorities page for more updates.

If I'm studying through Western Sydney University Online or doing all External, Online or Composite Units, do I have to pay SSAF?


WSU Online (per Trimester) = $40

External, Online and/or Composite units (per Semester) = $60*

*Normal SSAF rates apply if enrolled concurrently in any on-campus units.

SSAF funding proposal FAQ's

Why is the staff proposal different to the student proposal?

The staff proposal is more complicated in that staff are required to address the risks associated with their proposal, determine the financial costs of their proposal and developed an outcomes based evaluation process.

Students are not expected to provide this level of detail. The student proposal gives students an opportunity to put forward their ideas in a simple, time efficient manner.  The SRC Evaluation Group will evaluate the idea and prepare the risk assessment, financial cost statement and develop evaluation strategies.  Once the original student idea has been endorsed and developed by the SRC Evaluation Group (so it includes all elements of the staff proposal), it will be assessed by the SSAF Working Party (which is made up of student and staff representatives). If you would like to submit information about risk, finances or evaluation strategies to your student SSAF funding proposal, please attach it at question 6.

How will the funding proposals be assessed?

Student and staff SSAF funding proposals will be assessed on how they are:

  • Based on evidence, good practice elsewhere (like at other universities or in the sector) and Western Sydney University strategic directions
  • Considerate of a fair spread of services and facilities on each campus, taking into account current services, quality and numbers of students or types of students needing that service
  • Based on the principle of the most good for the most number of students.

Who will assess my proposal?

Student proposals will first be assessed by the SRC Evaluation Group which is comprised of two members of each Student Campus Council. The SRC Evaluation Group will provide budget and risk assessment details for the proposals they endorse and will submit their recommendations to the SSAF Working Party for consideration.

Clubs proposals will be managed separately  by Connect.  If you have an idea for your club, please make contact with your Campus Life Officer (CLO) in the first instance. Visit the Clubs Special purpose funding page for more information

Staff proposals will first go to the nominated sponsor for endorsement. The nominated sponsor is required to evaluate the proposal and forward their response to the SSAF Working Party by emailing

After this first stage of review, the SSAF Working Party will then evaluate and prioritise student and staff bids, taking into consideration funding availability and subsequent bid processes.

How will I find out the outcome of my proposal?

The Student Experience Office will notify proposers of successful bids in November/December.

I am a student; if my proposal is successful will I have to complete the project?

No, if your proposal is successful the relevant Western Sydney University unit will be given the project to complete.