Student SSAF funding proposal online form

Please consider the following criteria in submitting your proposal:

- Your proposal must be based on evidence, good practice elsewhere (like at other universities) and Western Sydney University strategic directions (opens in a new window).

- It must take into account the SSAF evaluation metrics (opens in a new window), current services available, and the number of students or types of students needing that service

- It must be based on the principle of the most good for the most number of students.

Your proposal must also address one or more of the services and amenities listed in the under the allowable uses of SSAF funds (opens in a new window), supported by the Higher Education Legislation Amendment (Student Services and Amenities) Bill 2010.

Proposals related to a student club need to be submitted through the normal WesternLife budget request process, using the special purpose funding option. These submissions will then be considered by the Student Advisory Group . Visit WESTERNLife for more information.

The closing date for proposals is Friday, 20 November 2020.

You can find more information about how to fill out this form on the SSAF proposal page under Tips (opens in a new window). If you require assistance with this form please contact

Student SSAF funding proposal online form
*Project Name:
*Student Name:
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*1. Proposal Overview
Provide an outline of the proposal - what is the aim of this project, how does it address the SSAF Evaluation Metrics, how would the project be undertaken, who are the stakeholders and where will it be delivered e.g. online, specific location, or across all campuses. (maximum 500 words)

*2. Select which of the services and amenities listed allowable uses of SSAF funds, supported by the 'Higher Education Legislation Amendment (Student Services and Amenities) Bill 2010' applies most to your project:

*3. Discuss how your proposal addresses the service or amenity you selected above and how this will benefit Western Sydney University students.
(maximum 500 words)

*4. How many students do you anticipate your project will reach? Provide a short explanation of what you based your estimate on.  Will students be involved in the delivery of the proposal? If so, how will students be involved in the implementation?
(maximum 500 words)

*5. What is the estimated expected costs and required staffing support for your proposal.

*6. What evidence do you have to support your application for funding?
(Please attach any supporting documents) (maximum 500 words)

Attach supporting document:  

7. Are there any further documents you would like to attach to support your proposal?