Staff SSAF funding proposal online form

Please consider the following criteria in submitting your proposal:

Your proposal must also address one or more of the services and amenities listed under the allowable uses of SSAF funds (opens in a new window), supported by the Higher Education Legislation Amendment (Student Services and Amenities) Bill 2010.

After you submit your proposal it will go to the 'Nominated sponsor' you enter below for endorsement. After this endorsement is received, your proposal will be assessed by the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) Working Party.

The closing date for proposals is Friday, 20 November 2020.

You can find more information about how to fill out this form on the SSAF proposal page under Tips (opens in a new window). If you require assistance with this form please contact

Staff SSAF funding proposal online form
*Project Name:
*Staff number:
*Telephone number
*Email address:
*Responsible School or Division:
*Nominated sponsor (e.g. DVC; PVC; Executive Director; Director; Dean):
PLEASE NOTE: As a proposer you cannot also be the sponsor. Your proposal will go to your nominated sponsor for endorsement before it is forwarded to the SSAF Working Party for consideration.
*Nominated sponsor email address:

*1. Proposal Overview
Provide an outline of the proposal - what is the aim of this project, how does it address the SSAF Evaluation Metrics, how would the project be undertaken, who are the stakeholders and where will it be delivered e.g. online, specific location, or across all campuses. (maximum 500 words)

*2. Select which of the services and amenities listed in the 'Higher Education Legislation Amendment (Student Services and Amenities) Bill 2010' applies most to your project:

*3. Discuss how your proposal addresses the service or amenity you selected above and how this will benefit students.
(maximum 500 words)

*4. What evidence do you have to support your application for funding?
Please attach any supporting documents e.g. data and information which support the initiative – research, national benchmark, collaborations, outcome of pilot projects, etc (maximum 500 words)

Attach supporting document:

*5. Are you aware of anyone else within the University that is undertaking a similar project ? If yes, please provide details.
(maximum 200 words)

*6. Student Reach - How many students do you anticipate your project will reach? Provide a short explanation of what you based your estimate on e.g. demand for comparable initiatives, expected targeted cohort engagement or data from pilot programs.
(maximum 500 words)

*7.  Level of Student Engagement - Briefly describe how students will engage with the project and the nature of those interactions e.g. students will participate in weekly sessions for four weeks, attend a full day conference or individual 15-minute support session.
(maximum 500 words)

*8. Student participation in program implementation - Will students be involved in the delivery of the project? If so, what is the anticipated number of students who will be involved and what is the nature of their involvement?

*9. Estimate the expected financial costs of the proposal.

You must attach a proposed budget including estimates on staffing, equipment, infrastructure and other costs by completing and attaching the financial breakdown [XLS, 26KB] (opens in a new window) spreadsheet.

Please also provide any other supporting documents (such as quotes).

(Note: Multiple year funding proposals will be considered along with other applications. Consideration must also be given to the adequate provision of funds to support new initiatives in subsequent years).

Indicate a bottom line budget figure into the text box below. (maximum 100 words)

*10. Does this project require ongoing funding beyond the project completion date to sustain the initiative for the short (1-3 years) or medium term (1-5 years) (e.g. maintenance, IT related cost, staffing cost, etc.)? If the answer is Yes, how will it be funded and who will be responsible for ongoing funding?
(maximum 500 words)
*11. Briefly outline any potential risks for this project and the risk mitigation strategies
(Please refer to the Risk Identification sheet [PDF, 17KB] (opens in a new window)) (maximum 500 words)
*12. I understand that Project Interim Report(s) will be required, should the proposal be approved by the SSAF Working Party. The frequency of the progress reports will be determined by the SSAF Working Party. Upon completion of the project, a Project Final Report will be required to provide an overall report on the outcome of the project.
13. Are there any further documents you would like to attach to support your proposal?