SSAF funding proposal

Did you know that since 2013 SSAF funds have been used to introduce, amongst many other initiatives, student social learning spaces on every campus? SSAF funding proposals are your opportunity to have a say on how SSAF funds are spent.

Proposals close on Friday, 20 November 2020.

If you have any questions about the funding proposal, email or contact your Student Representative Council (SRC) representative or Campus Life Assistant. Contact details for the SRC are on the Student Representation and Participation at Western Sydney University webpage.

Contact information for Campus Life Assistants can be found on the Campus Life website.

Tips for completing the SSAF funding proposal online form

SSAF proposal overview

This is your opportunity to get people interested in your proposal. You should attempt to include the following details:

  • The background – What motivated you to develop this application? What examples can you provide? What 'need' will be addressed by approving this proposal? How have you identified this 'need'?
  • The proposal – Briefly outline what you want to achieve. Include the best time of year to schedule your project and reasons for these dates.
  • The benefits – What do you see as the positive outcomes of the project? Do you have any evidence to support your conclusions? Are there other universities or areas of Western Sydney University that are benefiting from similar projects? How will your project/proposal positively impact students and will this impact be short term, long term or both?

Make sure your points are easy to understand, explain technical jargon and make your writing clear and concise.

Allowable services and amenities

There are nineteen (19) service and amenity categories that the Commonwealth Government has agreed SSAF funds can be spent on. Select the category that most applies to your proposal. If your proposal doesn't apply to a category, it will not be considered.

For a full list of the service and amenities that SSAF funds can be used towards, please visit the allowable uses of SSAF webpage.

How your proposal applies to the service or amenity and its benefit

The University will report to the Government on expended SSAF funds, so it is important that you justify how your proposal applies to the acceptable uses of SSAF funds and how it will benefit students. You can also reference the Western Sydney University 'Securing Success'.

The intended outcomes of the proposal?

What do you hope to achieve if your proposal is approved? What are the goals? Are they measurable, attainable and timely? How many students will benefit?

Your goals should reference the assessment criteria, how your proposal is:

  • Based on evidence, good practice elsewhere (like at other universities or in the sector) and Western Sydney University strategic directions
  • Considerate of a fair spread of services and facilities on each campus, taking into account current services, quality and numbers of students or types of students needing that service
  • Based on the principle of the most good for the most number of students.

Evidence to show the project was successful?

If you are a student and your proposal is successful, it will be assigned to the relevant unit of the University to complete. At this point evaluation strategies will be discussed; therefore, this question is not included in the student funding proposal.

If you are a staff member, you will need to consider evaluation strategies for your proposal. If your proposal is successful, you will be required to provide progress reports based around these evaluation strategies.

In your reporting you will need to be able to demonstrate:

  • how many students have been positively affected by the introduction of the project
  • how have these students benefited?
  • what the outcome was, how have behaviours changed?

Evidence to support your application for funding?

Do you have evidence that your proposal addresses a 'need' at Western Sydney University? Have other universities or institutions successfully implemented a service or project similar to the one you are proposing? Do you have evidence of this

Intended impact and outcomes (SSAF Evaluation Metrics)

The online form includes questions which will ask you how your project will perform against the SSAF evaluation metrics (opens in a new window).

Provide as much information and evidence as possible to support your claims.

The expected financial costs and benefits of the proposal

If you are a student you are not expected to evaluate the costs associated with your proposal; therefore, this question is not included in the student funding proposal form. The SRC will complete this section when they evaluate your application.

If you are a staff member you will need to provide the expected financial costs of your proposal. You can complete and attach a financial breakdown [DOC, 12KB] (opens in a new window). Please also attach any quotes you have for services or products that will be required by your project.

Questions about future plans

If you are a student, you are not expected to consider future plans in detail; these questions are not included in the student funding proposal form.

If you are a staff member, you will need to consider ongoing funding sources and who will be responsible for provision (including sourcing) of the future funding pool. You will also need to consider aspects of the proposal such as timeframe and system requirements.

Any potential risks for the University in undertaking this proposal?

If you are a student you are not expected to evaluate potential risks associated with your proposal; therefore, this question is not included in the student funding proposal. The SRC will complete this section when they evaluate your application.

If you are a staff member you will need to use the Risk Identification sheet [PDF, 17KB] (opens in a new window) to identify which risk category is applicable to your proposal. Please provide a description of the type of risk the University could face and what risk or damage the proposal could cause the University, its students or staff.

SSAF funding proposal FAQ's

Why is the staff proposal different to the student proposal?

The staff proposal is more complicated in that staff are required to address the risks associated with their proposal, determine the financial costs of their proposal, consider future impacts of the proposal/project and develop an outcomes based evaluation process.

Students are not expected to provide this level of detail. The student proposal gives students an opportunity to put forward their ideas in a simple, time efficient manner. If you would like to submit information about risk, finances or evaluation strategies to your student SSAF funding proposal, please attach it at the end of the form.

How will the funding proposals be assessed?

Student and staff SSAF funding proposals will be assessed on how they are:

Who will assess my proposal?

Student proposals will go directly to the SSAF Working Party for consideration. The SSAF Working Party is comprised of students representatives and staff members.

Staff proposals will first go to the nominated sponsor for endorsement. The nominated sponsor is required to evaluate the proposal and forward their response to the SSAF Working Party by emailing

After this first stage of review, the SSAF Working Party will then evaluate and prioritise student and staff bids, taking into consideration funding availability and subsequent bid processes. This will be sent to the Senior Executive Group for approval.

How will I find out the outcome of my proposal?

The Student Experience Office will notify proposers regarding the outcome of their bids once approve by the Senior Executive Group.

I am a student; if my proposal is successful will I have to complete the project?

No, if your proposal is successful the relevant Western Sydney University unit will be given the project to complete.