Travelling to exams

Exam travel news

  • Always allow ample travel time as delays do occur.
  • Parramatta exams: Parking on Parramatta campus (South) is limited. Additional parking is available at Parramatta campus (North). Please make sure you leave enough time before your exam to allow for parking and getting to your exam. If you are late due to parking delays, you will not be eligible for Special Consideration. You will need to check the exam location in your exam timetable carefully as your exam is not always held on your campus of study.

Public transport

If you are travelling by public transport to your exam you may find the Transport NSW website (opens in a new window) helpful in planning your journey. You can also visit the Getting to Uni page to see how to get to each campus.

If you are travelling by rail, the University runs free campus shuttles on some of our campuses.

Campus maps

Please visit the Campuses page to find maps, general campus directions, parking facilities and the building where your exam is scheduled.

Please note that parking arrangements and prices have changed on Parramatta campus. Please refer to the Changes to parking at Parramatta campus page.

Please read your personal examination timetable carefully to make sure of your exam location. The Penrith locations will either be displayed as Werrington South or Penrith.  Please note that for the timetable, Penrith means Kingswood.

Driving to campus

If you are driving to campus you may find the following web sites helpful in planning your journey: