Tutorial Registration tips and tricks

Be prepared for Tutorial Registration and follow these tips and tricks to help you navigate through the Tutorial Registration process.

  • Make sure you have enrolled in units. You cannot start planning your personal timetable until you are enrolled. Log in to Allocate+ to view the timetable for the relevant session and plan all of your options.
  • You have the entire Tutorial Registration period to enter your preferences. The system will not create any timetables until after the preference selection period closes. Not only do you have the entire period to enter your preferences, you can even go back to change them throughout the preference selection period. 
  • Some activities such as lectures, will only have one option which you must attend. You will not need to select a preference for these as you will be automatically allocated into that option.
  • If you choose more preferences for each activity group, you have a better chance of getting a clash free timetable that works for you. It also reduces the risk of remaining unallocated to activities after the preference sort. 
  • Putting your preferences in on the day preference selection opens, doesn't mean you are guaranteed a place in your first preference so make sure you select multiple preferences for each activity group. 
  • There may be more than one activity timetabled at the same time (e.g. four Monday 9.00am tutorials), so make sure you scroll through the options.
  • When you are selecting your preferences, try to think about the times you can't be at uni. E.g. if you can't be at uni in the afternoon on Monday because of your work schedule, then select all Monday morning activities or activities on another day, if available, as your preferences.
    • You are more likely to get a timetable that works with your other commitments if you do this where possible. Unfortunately some units only have a limited number of options to choose from (e.g. only one lecture time and two tutorials to choose from).  If you really can't attend a class and there are no other options available, you may not be able to study that unit – consider changing your enrolment.
  • The % sign shows the popularity of each activity. The lower the percentage, the better chance you have of being placed into that activity. Try logging in towards the end of the preference selection period to see the popularity percentage for your units. You may wish to change your preferences based on this information. 
  • To make it fair for all students, the preference selection period is not 'first in first served'. If an activity has a popularity percentage of more than 100% then more students have chosen that activity than places available. However, no student, whether they submitted their preference when the percentage was only at 50% or at 120% will be given priority over another.
    • Note: If an activity has a popularity percentage of more than 100% then not all students who selected that preference will receive a place, so make sure that you have chosen other options that work for you to avoid missing out altogether. 
  • You have a better chance of getting a clash free timetable by choosing some of the less popular time slots that still work for you. 
    • E.g. If you're enrolled in a unit with 300 other students, and all 300 students choose the tutorial directly following the lecture, your chances of getting it are quite low. So you are more likely to get the tutorial you select if you choose one that is less popular that you will still be able to attend.