Class Registration FAQs

What is a class?

Classes are generally small classes of about 25 students, which last about one or two hours. Usually classes are used to discuss and debate the lecture material and have an emphasis on student-teacher interaction and class participation. The term 'class' can also refer to classes like practicals, seminars and workshops.

Most classes have compulsory attendance requirements. Check the subject outline for each of your subjects to make sure you don't risk failing the requirements of that subject.

What is Class Registration?

Class Registration is how you put together your timetable at Western Sydney University. For each subject you are studying, we will give you a list of class times that are available and you can add your preferences for those times using the new online system, Class Registration (Allocate+).

What do I need to register?

To register for your classes you will need to have:

  • a Windows based PC, Mac or smart device
  • access to the internet
  • your student ID
  • activated your WesternAccount
  • completed your enrolment into your subjects. You will not be able to access Class Registration (Allocate+) if you have not enrolled in your subject/s.

If you have problems, you should use a PC at the computer lab on your campus.

What if I don't have a computer?

You can use the computer labs on any campus to complete your Class Registration.

Why can't I log in?

  • Did you access Allocate+ directly?
  • Are cookies enabled on your browser? They need to be enabled (but they should be by default on Netscape and Explorer browsers).
  • Have you changed your password at some time?
  • Are you enrolled in any subjects?

If you still can't log in contact the IT Service Desk for help (with log in problems only) on (02) 9852 5111.

I added a subject. Why can't I see it in Class Registration (Allocate+)?

You need to check that you are correctly enrolled in My Student Records (MySR).(opens in a new window) It's easy to forget the last step when enrolling in subjects. If MySR shows that you are enrolled you will need to log out of Class Registration (Allocate+) and log in again for your details to update.  Please allow up to one hour for the system to update. If you still can't see your subject/s, please call the Student Infoline on 1300 668 370.

Do I need to register for classes for Online subjects?

If you are enrolled in a Western Sydney University Online course, you do not need to register for classes.

If you are enrolled in face to face course, but have chosen an Online subject, you will not need to register for classes for that subject. However, you will need to complete Class Registration for all face to face subjects.

Can I choose a class on a campus other than my home campus?

You can only register in classes on the campus that you are enrolled in for that subject.

You can request permission from your Director of Academic Program to enrol in a subject on a campus other than your home campus (listed in 'Course details' in MySR) by submitting a Rule Waiver eForm.

Why isn't there any timetable information available for my subject?

You will need to contact the School office that runs the subject to clarify whether or not they intend to timetable the subject.

Do I need to register for all of the different activity types available in a subject?

The comments in the timetable for each subject will explain exactly what you have to select for that subject. You may need to add separate preferences for classes, laboratories and practicals for the same subject. Sometimes you may also need to add preferences for lectures.

To ensure you have successfully saved your preferences/allocated class times for all of your subjects, ensure there is a green tick or an orange pending icon next to each option down the left hand side, under your enrolment. Once you have been sorted into your preferences, the orange pending icons will turn into green tick icons.

You may find that the activities that you need to register for are grouped together within the subject so that you only need to add preferences once.

What does it mean if the class I want to register in has a constraint?

This means the subject has been reserved for students from a particular course. You should select a different class.

What if the class I want to register in is full?

A class will only appear as full if you are trying to register after the preference sort has happened.

You will need to select another class time. If all of the classes in the subject are full you may need to enrol in a different subject. If you must complete the subject for your course, contact the Subject Coordinator for advice. Some class times are more popular than others so it's best to put your preferences in before preference selection closes. There is no guarantee however that this request will be successfully processed. It depends largely on demand and supply.

I can't make any of the class times listed. What do I do?

If you're a full time student, it is expected that you can be available on campus five days a week. This means you need to plan your work and social life around your study.

In extenuating circumstances, you may be eligible to change your class time by appealing to your School via a Change of Class Form (available on the Changing classes webpage). To be considered you must already be registered in a class and you will need to provide evidence to support your extenuating circumstances.

Can I change my registration?

Yes, you can change your preferences at any stage up to the advertised closing date for preference selection. Simply return to the online Class Registration (Allocate+) system and change your current preferences.

Can I change classes?

To find out if you are eligible to change classes please visit the Changing classes webpage.  Additionally,  during first-in/best-dressed allocation periods – eg, after preference sorts have been run - students often take to social media to request swaps with other students in the same Subjects. To provide a fairer and more seamless experience for students, swap and waitlist features have been added to Allocate Plus. Students may request places in full activities during the ‘Allocation Adjustment’ period by using the Swap and Waitlist features. It is to go  live on 12 February 2021. This feature will apply to all subject offerings (subjects) which are in Allocation Adjustment mode.