Rule Waiver

Important Information

Our new Student Management System is going live on 6 October 2021.

From 6pm Friday 17 September until 6 October, you will not be able to access the Ruler Waiver e-Form.

From 6 October, the new Rule Waiver online form will be available.

If you need to submit a Rule Waiver application urgently while the system is unavailable, please use a temporary form.

What is a Rule Waiver?

A Rule Waiver is a request to gain approval from your Director of Academic Program to enrol into a unit where you do not meet the unit rule/s.

All Rule Waiver Requests are now submitted via an online eForm.

When should I submit a Rule Waiver Request?

You should complete and submit a rule waiver request if you want to:

  • Enrol in a unit that has requirements/rules you have not met.
  • Enrol in more than the maximum permitted credit points for a session
  • Enrol in a unit that is not at your home campus (not required for Summer Session).
  • Enrol in a unit after the self-enrolment period of a session.

Student's on Conditional Enrolment cannot use a Rule Waiver to enrol in more credit points than their Conditional Enrolment allows.

For detailed information about course and unit rules  visit the course and unit rules webpage.

How to complete an online Rule Waiver

    Rule Waiver applications can now be completed online via the eForm Portal.(opens in a new window)

    Please seek academic advice prior to submitting a Rule Waiver application.

  1. Click the 'Find Forms' button, then select 'Rule Waiver Request' from the list of online forms available
  2. The form will open as an Adobe PDF. You will need Adobe Acrobat on your PC for this to happen. Adobe Acrobat is freeware, which can be downloaded from Adobe
  3. Complete and submit the form online before the census date. A copy of your request will be emailed to you for your records
  4. You will receive an email advising you of the outcome of your request. Please allow seven working days for this to happen. Most requests will be completed much faster than this, but we need to allow time for your Director of Academic Program to assess your request. If your request is approved, you will automatically be enrolled in the unit. You do not have to go into MySR to add the unit

Note for Mac users
You will need the following programs to access eForms:

  • OS X v 10.4 x (PowerPC) or later
  • Flash Player 9 or later
  • Firefox (or later) or Safari 3.0.0 (or later)

Need help?

If you need further help completing your application, Student Central can help. You can email, call the Student Central Infoline on 1300 668 370 or drop in to a Student Central on campus.