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Online Rule Waiver

Rule Waiver forms go electronic!

UWS is introducing an online form system to allow students to submit their administrative forms online. The first of these forms is the Rule Waiver Request form, which is now available to most undergraduate and postgraduate students who are enrolled in a coursework based degree (ie not a research based degree).

MAC users require the following to access online forms:

  • OS X v 10.4.x (PowerPC)
  • Flash Player 9*
  • Firefox or later or Safari 3.0.3 or later

What does this mean for me?

This means you can now submit your request to have a rule waived on your enrolment electronically and receive notification by email. You no longer have to track down your Head of Program to sign the form and submit it at a Student Centre. You can now complete all of the steps from the comfort of your own home and the system will chase the signatures for you and enrol you in the unit if you are successful.

What is a Rule Waiver?

For more information about course and unit rules and rule waiver requests, visit the course and unit rules webpage.

How to complete an online Rule Waiver

The Rule Waiver Request form can be found on MyUWS.

1. Click the E-Forms link from the menu on the left hand side of the page.

2. You will then enter a system called the “E-Forms Centre”. Click the Rule Waiver Request form on the left hand side of the page.

3. The form will open as an Adobe PDF. You will need Adobe Acrobat on your PC for this to happen. Adobe Acrobat is freeware, which can be downloaded from Adobe.

4. Complete and submit the form online. A copy of your request will be emailed to you for your records.

5. You will receive email notification advising you of the outcome of your request. Please allow 7 working days for this to happen. Most requests will be completed much faster than this, but we need to allow time for your Head of Program to assess your request. If your request is approved, you will automatically be enrolled in the unit. You do not have to go into MySR to add the unit.

Need more help?

Please play the following online tutorials

» How to Complete a Rule Waiver (1.4 MB, requires Adobe Flash player).

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