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The Asia-Australia Algebra Conference 2019

Western Sydney University Parramatta City Campus, 21-25 January 2019

The Asia-Australia Algebra Conference was held at Western Sydney University, on the 21st to 25th in January  2019. It brought together world experts in a wide range of topics related to algebra. The objective of the conference was to promote collaboration between working algebraists.

Maths In Action 2018

In June 2018 the School of Computing Engineering and Mathematics and the Centre for Research in Mathematics provided a day of Maths in Action to High School students in the Western Sydney Region. This is a yearly event to promote the study of Mathematics at Western Sydney University. Our mathematicians and data scientists are absolutely committed to carrying the message to our future mathematicians that maths is fun and also a lucrative career option.

Below are videos taken on the day.

Mathematics - Unlocking your Career Options

Maths at Western Sydney

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