14 May: Toke Carlsen (Faroe Islands) Graph algebras, groupoids, and symbolic dynamics

Abstract: I will give an overview of some recent results that link diagonal-preserving isomorphism of graph algebras and isomorphism and equivalence of graph groupoids with continuous orbit equivalence, (eventual) conjugacy, and flow equivalence of symbolic dynamical systems constructed from directed graphs.

21 May: Mark Lawson (Edinburgh) Non-commutative Stone dualities

Abstract: The classical Stone dualities for lattices such as frames, distributive lattices and generalized Boolean algebras can be generalized to a non-commutative setting to pseudogroups, distributive inverse semigroups and Boolean inverse semigroups, respectively. The goal of this talk is to sketch out the how and to motivate the why. I shall not assume any background from inverse semigroups or \'etale groupoids.

28 May: TBA

4 June:  Mike Whittaker (Glasgow):

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