Plenary speakers

  • Prof. Dorothy Kelly (Granada University, Spain)

    Uldis Ozolins
    Dorothy Kelly is a professor of Translation at the University of Granada (Spain), where she is also Vice Rector for International Relations and Development Cooperation. Her main research interests are translator training, directionality in translation and intercultural competence, interests she has combined over the years with intense international activity, coordinating international mobility and joint degree programmes, as well as studies into the impact of mobility on intercultural competence and the learning environment. She is founding editor of the Interpreter and Translator Trainer, the only indexed journal devoted specifically to translator education, and consultant editor of the Translation Practices Explained series. She was a member of the European Masters' in Translation Expert Group appointed by the Directorate General for Translation at the European Commission.

  • Adjunct A/Prof. Uldis Ozolins (University of Western Sydney, Australia)

    Uldis Ozolins
    Uldis Ozolins has been Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Western Sydney since April 2010. Earlier, he had held academic positions at the University of Melbourne, Deakin University (including Head of the Translation & Interpreting program and Director of the Centre for Research and Development in Translation & Interpreting), La Trobe University and RMIT University in Melbourne. His academic work has been in the fields of politics, philosophy, education and translating & interpreting, with major research interests in language policy and translating & interpreting.

  • Dr. Harold Lesch (Stellenbosch University, South Africa)

    Dr Harold M. Lesch is senior lecturer and coordinator of the post-graduate diploma in translation and interpreting at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. He holds a D.Litt. qualification in translation. With a dissertation on community translation in South Africa, his research focuses on both translation and interpreting. He has published a number of essays, monographs and delivered papers, nationally as well as internationally in his field of expertise. Furthermore, he has experience as a simultaneous interpreter at among others the national parliament, the Western Cape Legislature and as a whisper interpreter. He also established a training and research program in interpreting and played a leading role in establishing the interpreting service on the campus.

  • Prof. Alan Melby (Brigham Young University, USA)

    Alan K. Melby is a professor of linguistics at Brigham Young University (USA). His research agenda has focused on translation, beginning with machine translation in the 1970s, shifting to tools for human translators in the 1980s, and expanding in the 1990s into the theoretical (e.g. what is translation quality?) and the practical (e.g. how can you exchange translation memories and termbases between translation tools?). In recent years, he has worked on translator certification. He is a certified French-to-English translator and has participated in a job/task analysis project conducted by the American Translators Association (ATA) that is part of a long-term initiative to continually strengthen the ATA certification system. He is currently exploring the controversial question of what constitutes a sound and defensible certification system in general. He is the recipient of the 2013 ATA Gold Medal for service to the translation and interpreting professions.