Western Sydney University Social Justice Network


Western Sydney University contributes significantly to the community and is a prominent advocate  of social justice initiatives more broadly. The Western Sydney University Social Justice Network will bring together and promote the important work undertaken by the University and the Western Sydney community in tackling global and regional injustices.

The Network will identify and foster new opportunities that will contribute to improving social justice outcomes in society, as well as highlight leading researchers and experts, connecting them with students, staff, businesses, community and government to drive change.

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In August- September 2021, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Indigenous Leadership hosted two meetings with staff across several areas that have a social justice focal point to see how the University could better connect and promote social justice activities. Attendees included staff from the Diversity and Human Rights Research Centre, Equity and Diversity, Humanitarian and Development Research Institute, Institute for Culture and Society, Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Indigenous Leadership, Office of Engagement and Advancement, School of Law, and the Whitlam Institute.

The group was unanimous in their support for the establishment of a Social Justice Network at Western to better connect and promote the important work undertaken in the social justice space. Along with the areas outlined above, the intention is to expand the network to also include staff from other areas, for example the Challenging Racism project, The James Martin Institute for Public Policy, the Sexualities and Genders Research Group, and the Young and Resilient Research Centre.

Professor Alphia Possamai-Inesedy is the inaugural Chair of the Social Justice Network. Professor Possamai-Inesedy will be working to establish a platform for staff, businesses, community, and government to connect on social justice matters, and to maximise the impact of social justice work across Western and the broader community.

Current Research

Challenging Racism Project 

Based in Western Sydney, one of the most culturally diverse regions in Australia - the Challenging Racism Project focuses on research that counters racism and improves community relations.

Challenging Racism Project  

Humanitarian and Development Research Initiative (HADRI) 

HADRI pursues research that highlights the complexity of international responses to conflicts and disasters, and the intersections between the multidimensional health, socio-economic and political aspects of complex emergencies.

Humanitarian and Development Research Initiative 

Diversity and Human Rights Research Centre 

Examines the discourse and practice of human rights - its perceived relevance and applicability across diverse communities in contemporary times, and its everyday lived experiences at a local level.

Diversity and Human Rights Research Centre  

Diversity and Creative Social Change

While cultural diversity is a major characteristic of the Western Sydney Region, and features prominently in our research, we are also concerned with other forms of diversity including gender, race, age, political, economic, religious, and ability.

Diversity and Creative Social Change 

Sexualities and Genders Research 

An epistemological, pedagogical and ethical project of engaged research with diversity to build ethical relationships among young people and communities in an era of dramatic social, cultural, economic and political change.

Sexualities and Genders Research 

Current Events

Upcoming Events

Co-Creating Cultures of Safety and Inclusion Panel Session

Thursday, 16 June 2022, commencing at 1:30pm (in person) for a 2:00pm start (online).

The first panel will critically discuss the recent results of the National Student Safety Survey and its findings that those most at risk of harassment and assault are those that are marginalised. The panel has members representing both academics and the community involved in the panel session.

Our community members will include a representative from ACON and Cash Garrety, who has been recognised for their work in the creation of ‘All Sorts’ at Doonside Technology High School. Our academics will be Professor Kerry Robinson, Associate Professor Corrinne Sullivan, and Associate Professor Lucy Nichols, plus a Western student contribution to the panel.

Western’s Social Justice Network is designed to provide people with an opportunity to connect and celebrate the incredible array of social justice work undertaken at Western.

Please join us on Thursday, 16 June 2022 for this panel session. The event will be held at Boardroom 1, The Chancellery, Level 2, Parramatta South campus and will also be live streamed.

Past Events

Social Justice Network Launch

The inaugural launch of Western’s Social Justice Network was an opportunity to connect and celebrate the incredible array of social justice work undertaken at Western. Not only that, but establish, identify and foster new opportunities for partnerships that will contribute to improving social justice outcomes in society.

Social Justice Network Launch