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2 years (8 quarters)



Course structure

This course requires successful completion of 160 credit points which includes four general foundation units, four core units, six specialisation units and a business project or an internship as a capstone unit.

Course overview

If you’re looking for a solid business and management qualification to move you forward in the business world, our Master of Business Administration (MBA) has you covered. The course provides critical core knowledge, essential for a comprehensive understanding of the business environment.

You don’t need to have studied business before, or have relevant work experience – we start from the basics and build your business knowledge through the course.

Quarter 3, 2023 subjects - for new students

BUSM7007 Business Communication Skills
BUSM7099 Understanding Contemporary Organizations

For subject details, please visit the handbook.

The MBA has two optional specialisations, Finance or Management, or you can choose to study a non-specialised MBA.

This specialisation introduces the fundamental concepts of finance theory – the time value of money, risk and return, capital budgeting and capital structure, and the tools of financial decision-making in the context of the Australian institutional environment. You will examine the investment, financing and dividend decisions of corporations and develop an understanding of the basic practices of financial management from the perspective of both large and small firms.

This specialisation critically examines strategic management processes in various business, industry and economic contexts. It also explores the processes and challenges encountered by leaders in contemporary organisations, taking into account rapidly changing environments with a focus on quality management, risk management, and performance measurement and benchmarking. You will participate in experiential learning focussing on strategic leadership, visioning, situation analysis, objective setting and evaluation.

Work integrated learning

Gaining practical experience is a cornerstone of the MBA program, and is supported by our strong links with Australian businesses. You will have the opportunity to complete either a business internship or a business project unit, applying the knowledge you have gained during the course of your degree. These units provide you with the chance to solve a real-world business problem in collaboration with an organisation or business entity while completing an internship, or to undertake a research project in your chosen field.

Career opportunities

The composition of the MBA provides a wealth of valuable grounding for managers. It equips managers to oversee the day-to- day operations of the organisation, to manage their people, manage their money, and manage their markets, and to do so with an appreciation of the value chain that the people, money and markets constitute. Emphasis is placed on functional and applied skills, complemented by cultural studies designed to enable managers to act sensitively, appropriately and effectively in the international business environment. With a mix of theory and practice throughout the program, the MBA is relevant and immediately applicable to your workplace. You will finish your course career-ready and prepared to step up and take on key roles in business.

Program convenor

If you have queries about the course or units, please contact: 
Daniel Townsend d.townsend@city.westernsydney.edu.au

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