Doctor Vahid Vakiloroaya

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Dr Vahid Vakiloroaya joined the Centre for Infrastructure Engineering (formerly the Institute for Infrastructure Engineering) in 2015 as a postdoctoral research fellow. Holding Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Dr Vakiloroaya completed his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at the school of Electrical, Mechanical and Mechatronic Systems (EMMS), UTS, Australia in 2015 where he was selected as UTS green hero for his PhD project. He also served as a committee member of the faculty and academic board at UTS during his time there.

Prior to academic research, Vahid has fourteen years of working experience as a design engineer in HVAC and energy for sustainable development and was awarded with a 2005 Hitachi Best Practical Engineer Award.  He is the author of eleven engineering books and one book chapter about heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system design, calculation and implementation. He is also the author of many research papers in international conferences and journals, with two international patents pending. 

He has won several prestigious awards for his work on HVAC and building energy efficiency including Excellence in HVAC and Refrigeration Research Award 2013 by Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating (AIRAH), NASSCOM Australia Innovation Award 2013, Consensus Innovation Award 2014 and Sir George Julius Medal by Engineers Australia 2015.

Areas of Research/Teaching Expertise

Dr Vakiloroaya has three years teaching experience as a lecturer at the University of Science and Technology in Iran. His research interests include: Thermodynamic, heat transfer, solar energy, fluid mechanics, industrial ventilation and HVAC sustainable development.

Grants/Current Projects

The New South Wales Government Environmental Trust, Project 2012/RDS/034,

The New South Wales Government, Department of Industry, Techvouchers Program 2015,

Industry grant, Independent Products Pty Ltd.

Selected Publications


V. Vakiloroaya, J. Madadnia, Cooling Coil Design Improvement for HVAC Energy Savings and Comfort Enhancement, Sustainability in Energy and Buildings, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, Chapter 85, pp. 965-974, 2013.


V. Vakiloroaya, B. Samali, S. Cuthbert, K. Pishghadam, D. Eager, Thermo-economic optimisation of condenser coil configuration for HVAC performance enhancement, Energy and Buildings, 84 (2014) 1-12. (Impact Factor 2.465, Rank: A*)

V. Vakiloroaya, B. Samali, K. Pishghadam, A comparative Study on the Effect of Different Strategies for Energy Saving of Air-Cooled Vapour Compression Air Conditioning System, Energy and Buildings, 74 (2014) 163-172. (Impact Factor 2.465, Rank: A*)

V. Vakiloroaya, B. Samali, K. Pishghadam, Investigation of Energy-Efficient Strategy for Direct Expansion Air-Cooled Air Conditioning Systems, Applied Thermal Engineering, 66 (2014) 84-93. (Impact Factor 2.624, Rank: A)

V. Vakiloroaya, B. Samali, A. Fakhar and K. Pishghadam, "A Review of Different Startegies for HVAC Energy Savings," Energy Conversion and Management, 77 (2014) 738-754. (Impact Factor: 3.59)

V. Vakiloroaya, Q.P. Ha and B. Samali, "Energy-Efficient HVAC Systems: Simulation-Empirical Modelling and Gradient Optimization," Automation in Construction, 31 (2013) 176-185. (Impact Factor: 1.822, Rank: A)

V. Vakiloroaya, Q.P. Ha and M. Skibniewski, "Modelling and Experimental Validation of a Solar-Assisted Direct Expansion Air Conditioning System," Energy and Buildings, 66 (2013) 524-536. (Impact Factor 2.679, Rank: A*)