Doctor Hassan Malekzehtab


Dr. Hassan Malekzehtab joined the Centre for Infrastructure Engineering in 2018 as a postdoctoral research fellow. He was awarded his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from University of Tehran, Iran in 2009 before obtaining his Master’s degree in Structural Engineering from Sharif University of Technology, Iran in 2011. Then, he was admitted to Curtin University, Australia, and completed his PhD in Civil Engineering with focus on pavement structures and materials in 2017.

Areas of Research/Teaching Expertise

Dr Malekzehtab has a strong experience in teaching and research. His teaching experience involves lecturing, tutoring and lab demonstration for more than 4 years in different fields of engineering including mechanics of solids, engineering mechanics, programming, system engineering and optimization techniques. He is also interested in following research areas:

Pavement Engineering

  • Road material characterization and modelling;
  • Recycled materials and sustainability;
  • Pavement management systems;
  • Specialised pavement design for industries and mining applications.

Structural engineering

  • Structural health monitoring (SHM) on bridges, offshore platforms, buildings and pavement;
  • Developing sensor networks for SHM purposes;
  • Finite element modelling and finite element model updating.

Civil Engineering

  • Application of artificial intelligence, fuzzy logic and optimization techniques in civil engineering;
  • Application of image processing in civil engineering;
  • High tech and smart systems.

Grants/Current Projects

Dr Malekzehtab is currently working on the CIE project 'Development of Air-Purifying Pavement'.

Selected Publications

Thompson, RJ & H. Malekzehtab, H 2018, 'Underground roadway design considerations for efficient autonomous hauling', Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium on Block and Sublevel Caving, Australian Centre for Geomechanics.

H. Malekzehtab, H.Nikraz, “Evaluation of the Hirsch model for dynamic modulus estimation of Western Australian asphalt mixtures”, ninth international structural engineering and construction conference, Spain, 2017

H. Malekzehtab, H.Nikraz, “Evaluation and modifying of the Al-khateeb model for estimation of the dynamic modulus of Western Australian asphalt mixtures containing recycled asphalt pavement”, the fourth international conference on advances in civil, structural and environmental engineering, Italy, 2016;

H. Malekzehtab, A. A. Golafshani, H. Nikraz, “Application Of finite-element model updating in damage detection of offshore jacket platforms using particle swarm optimization with noisy modal data”, the first Australasia and South East Asia conference in structural engineering and construction, Perth, 2012;

H. Malekzehtab, A. A. Golafshani, “Damage detection in an offshore jacket platform using genetic algorithm based finite element model updating with noisy modal data “, second international conference on rehabilitation and maintenance in civil engineering, Solo, Indonesia, 2012;