Utsab Katwal


PhD Candidature

Thesis Title:

Advanced analysis of steel-concrete composite frames

Research Project:

The use of steel-concrete composite sections in structural components is gaining popularity due to the mechanical and economical advantages by adopting the composite technique. Computer simulation is often carried out to perform structural analysis and design of structures, which can save a lot of experimental cost and time. Among many numerical models, the fibre model is considered as the best for carrying out nonlinear analysis of structural frame systems.

Two types of design approaches, namely member-based design and advanced analysis, can be used to design structures. In the member-based design, structural analysis is carried out first and then individual member is designed and checked based on the effective length factor. But in advanced analysis, the whole structure can be designed directly without considering the effective length factor. There has been considerable research on advanced analysis and some codes like AISC 360-10, AS 4100 allow using this method in design. But the research in the past was mainly limited to steel structures only. So, this study aims to carry out advanced analysis using fibre models for steel-concrete composite frames utilising user defined subroutine UMAT and beam elements available in ABAQUS. A case study will be conducted to study the differences between the conventional design and advanced analysis.

Research Project Supervisor/s:

Professor Zhong Tao (Principal), Doctor Tian Yi Song, Doctor Md Kamrul Hassan