Sasan Saidian


PhD Candidature

Thesis Title:

Composite Design of Gypsum Board-Sheathed Cold-Formed Steel Stud Walls

Research Project:

Wind-bearing wall assemblies comprising cold-formed steel (CFS) framing in conjunction with gypsum board are widely used in the building industry. For the design of such walls, structural characteristics can be determined both analytically and experimentally. Current analytical methods yield uneconomical results, as they do not account for any or all of the composite actions between the two materials, and experimental methods are practically challenging and cost and time prohibitive. The aim of this research is to develop an analytical model that incorporates the structural contributions of the sheathing material, which enables the design of lighter and more economical CFS wall frames.

Research Project Supervisor/s:

Professor Hamid Ronagh (Principal), Doctor Nariman Saeed