Nazanin Salehi


PhD Candidature

Thesis Title:

Performance of Lightweight Floor Diaphragms

Research Project:

In practice, diaphragms are mostly designed as rigid elements. While this holds valid for heavy type concrete slabs, the experimental and numerical investigations available in the literature are not adequate to conclusively state the same for light weight flooring systems. In addition, standards are silent on the rigidity of light weight floors. This can potentially lead to failure of structures at extreme load events. As the flexibility of a diaphragm alters fundamental frequency, dynamic properties, and the response of a structure during loading, it is of paramount importance to assess the real performance of this prevalent structural flooring system. The aim of this research is to develop a proper understanding of the diaphragm rigidity, its interaction with vertical resisting elements, and the load distribution which is essential to design buildings possessing such flooring systems with confidence.

Research Project Supervisor/s:

Professor Hamid Ronagh (Principal), Professor Bijan Samali