Masoud Mohammadi


PhD Candidature

Thesis Title:

Development of Bridge Information Model (BrIM) for Structural Health Monitoring Using TLS Technology

Research Project Supervisor/s:

Dr Maria Rashidi (Principal), Prof Bijan Samali


Over the years, bridge inspection practices and condition assessments were predicated upon long-established manual data collection methods which were generally unsafe, time-consuming, not precise, and labour-intensive influenced by the experience of the trained inspectors involved. Moreover, the collected documentation and information retained such as the bridge as-built geometry specifications were paper-based which significantly limit the ability to be readily transferred to assist asset managers or engineers. In recent years, the ability to turn an actual civil infrastructure asset into a well-detailed and precise digital model, as a digital twin, using state-of-the-art emerging technology such as TLS has become a strong demand among structural engineers and managers worldwide, especially bridge asset managers. Therefore, this research study aims to develop a TLS-derived digital platform as a Bridge Information Model (BrIM), integrated with a decision support algorithm, to further improve the bridge health monitoring systems. This platform has proven its potential benefit in the digitization of some bridge projects in NSW.

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