Amir Zalnezhad

PhD Candidature in Infrastructure Engineering

Thesis Title: Rainwater and stormwater quality and quantity modelling in the western sydney region.Amir Zalnezhad

Flood events affect many infrastructure and facilities and consequently result in a disruption to tourism industry. This project is seeking environmentally sustainable methods to estimate and deal with flood events. With the frequent flood and stormwater events that are happening all around the world, specifically in Australia, this research objective is to find the volume, frequency and intensity of flood events and how that can be used to design the best infrastructure to lower the cost of building different stormwater practices while protecting the environment and having healthy and attractive nature. Water sensitive urban design (WSUD) skills are the key to find the best solutions for the possible flood and stormwater events.

With the growing urbanisation and the higher risk of climate related hazard such as floods, this project will have significant impact on the environment in Australia by protecting it while saving on cost and energy. This project directly deals with structures and plans to avoid any harm to the environment by estimating the flood frequencies and their intensity.

Research Project Supervisor/s:

Professor Ataur Rahman (Principal), Professor Bijan Samali