Course Outline

An Introduction into the Building Industry for Graduate Civil and Structural Engineers

Mentor-CSE is a collaboration between the Centre for Infrastructure Engineering and Charles Rickard, a widely known and highly experienced civil engineer. It is a seven session course aimed at assisting young civil and structural engineers with transitioning from their university studies into working life, thus bridging the gap between formal training and entry into the industry.

Course Outline

  Central ThemeContent
  Assessment of Fundamental Issues                                       Career Approach, Loading, Soil Conditions, Types of Buildings, Variation in Building Types, Lateral Support Systems, Transfer Slabs, Structural Options, Calculations and Cost Estimates
  Key Areas of Design Facade, Reinforced Concrete, Pre-Stressed Concrete, Structural Steel, Timber, Pre-Cast Systems,
Pad Foundations, Raft Foundations, Piling, Walls
  Impact of Temperature, Shrinkage and Soil Type Concrete Frame and Masonry Movements, Joints, Soil Movement
  Identify the Priorities in Design Vertical and Horizontal Loading, Most Suitable Solution, Understanding Limit States, Buildability, Facades and Finishes, Waterproofing, Do Cracks Matter?
  Advanced Analysis The Role and Relevance to Your Project, Know Your Software, Economy of Design, Marketing Tool/Financial Control Parameter
  Working in the Construction Industry Your Contractual Position, Advice on Some..., Building Contacts, The Need for Awareness, Be
  Review: What We Have Learnt The Fundamentals, Key Areas of Design, Impact of Temperature, Shrinkage and Soil Type, Identify the Priorities in Design, Advanced Analysis, Working in the Construction Industry


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