Course Outline

Mentor-CSE: Kickstart your professional career as a Civil and Structural Engineer

Mentor-CSE is a collaboration between the Centre for Infrastructure Engineering and Charles Rickard, a widely known and highly experienced civil engineer. It is an eight unit course aimed at assisting young civil and structural engineers with transitioning from their university studies into working life, thus bridging the gap between formal training and entry into the industry.

Course Outline

  Unit 1:   Assessment of Fundamental Issues
  Unit 2:   Key Areas of Design
  Unit 3:   Particular Focus on Temperature, Shrinkage and Soils
  Unit 4:   Identifying Priorities in Design to Improve Personal Efficiency
  Unit 5:   Project Process, Individual Roles and Appropriate Use of Advanced Analysis
  Unit 6:   Succeeding in the Construction Industry Today
  Unit 7:   Project Tutorial -- Working Through the Stages of a Typical Project
  Unit 8:   Course Review -- Question and Answer Tutorial
Supplementary Reading List -- Available to all students on the course.

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Charles Rickard will be assisted by a WSU Tutor, Mr Kamyar Kildashti Komsari, for personalised support for all participating students.